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Kinma Preschool: Exceeding National Quality Standard

Staff in both Preschool and Primary worked together along with some extra helping hands from parents to achieve this outstanding outcome. In our report we received the following praise from the Regional Operations Manager:

“I acknowledge the efforts of management, educators, staff and others involved in preparing for, and participating in, the assessment and rating process and wish you well in your important work with children and families. The National Quality Framework aims to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in services across the country. The commitment shown by all the members of your service to successfully complete this assessment and rating cycle will no doubt help to foster a culture of continuous quality improvement within your service.”

Kim Hoskin
R/Regional Operations Manager
Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate

NQS exceeding

What does it all mean? Why does our rating matter?

It is a very impressive rating to be given. There are 3,939 long day care/preschools operating in NSW and of these 939 have been rated so far. Our of this only 15% have achieved EXCEEDING and Kinma is one of them. 

While we at Kinma are not into competition, it is important to acknowledge this standard as we did not have to change our practice to meet it. On reflection, Kay, Juli G and myself are very heartened to read the framework for child care as it blends seamlessly with Kinma's Core and Guiding Principles. The only 'showing off' that I will say is that we have been doing this for 40+ years and the Government are coming on board with us!

If you are interested in enroling, please see our Enrolment page or contact us for more information.

- Julie Carr, Kinma School Manager


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