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We believe that play is a leading factor in the child's development; play is predominant in the early years at Kinma.

Kinma Preschool offers a truly play-based curriculum and both play and imagination are critical factors in learning throughout Kinma Primary. Play is child-centred and self-directed, allowing children to learn self-discipline and self-motivation. From play, children learn how to behave in social situations that are acceptable.

The six aspects of play

Central to the success of play is the child's self-control. This is seen in six aspects of play (as outlined by Rogers & Sawyers, 1988):

  • Play is intrinsically motivated - children do not need to be told how or what to do.
  • Play is free of externally imposed rules.
  • Play is carried out as if the activity were real.
  • Play focuses on the means not ends.
  • Play is dominated by the players - they make the rules, decisions and, as a group, solve problems.
  • Each child has to be actively involved for play to be successful.

Careful discussion takes place between family and school before the child enters Kinma. It is most important for the child's development that attitudes to behaviour and discipline are handled in a similar way at home and at school. If this is not the case, confusion can occur for the child.

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