Preschool parent participation

Preschool lunch

It is basic to Kinma's philosophy and day to day operation that home and school environment are compatible, and that parents are aware of and involved in their child's education.

How you can be involved

There are many ways in which parents may participate and contribute to Kinma:

  • Spend time at the Preschool as a 'kid' or a helper
  • Attend parent evenings
  • Talk with staff and parents
  • Help out with Snack Attack
  • Share a special skill or interest
  • Add your name to the odd jobs roster
  • Assist with organizational tasks, e.g. clean blocks, sort our 'junk' areas
  • Complete tasks at home, e.g. sew cushions, cover books, wash dress ups
  • Attend social functions
  • Hold a position on the Kinma Board or a sub-committee
  • Collaborate with staff on policy development and share the decision making process
  • Assist by coming on excursions

More about parent involvement in the Kinma community

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