Transition to primary

Children visit the primary extensively throughout the year

The preschool children who will be moving to the primary visit the primary classroom for short periods of time on almost a daily basis. The children are supported by a trusted preschool teacher. In this way, they get to know their future teacher and classmates and become familiar with the rhythm of life at school. Primary children and teachers visit the preschool often, which helps the younger children gain confidence and become familiar with the “big kids”. This makes for a gentle transition period.

Preschool girls-stars

Parents can help their child settle in at school

Children beginning the school year at Kinma have the opportunity to have their parent/s in the classroom for as long as it takes to feel comfortable and also have the option of a shorter, 4-day school week. Parents are encouraged to stay in the classroom for as long as they need, to help their child feel safe, settled, and secure in the classroom and the daily routine.

Children can start with a shorter week

Starting school can be an overwhelming and tiring experience for some children. Tired children will not have the energy or motivation to get the most from their school day. A day at home to recharge their batteries helps to make the beginning of school a happy, positive and successful experience.

Preschool boys