Primary reading

Language is used for a variety of purposes in everyday living and learning. It is used to express ideas, to give and gain information, for imaginative purposes and thinking. At Kinma language development is integrated across all areas of learning.

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Primary maths-string

In mathematics, as in all other areas, the learner attempts to relate new knowledge to what is already known. Therefore we build on what the children know from their personal experiences. This learning is active, not passive, with the children talking and writing about mathematics.

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Science & Technology

Primary project-2

Many of the teaching principles used in mathematics are also appropriate to the sciences.

Science and technology education can be seen as a combination of personal development, science, technology and society.

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Human Society & Its Environment

Primary HSIE

As expressed in the NSW syllabus, staff learn with children to gain continually deepening understandings about social systems and structures, the cultures and environments within these and the change and continuity that try to find a healthy balance.

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Personal Development Health and Physical Education

Primary yoga

Kinma recognises physical education as an important aspect of a child's development. It not only helps a child reach an optimum health level but also requires active social skills.

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Creative arts

Primary violin

We believe that the arts provide a unique way of seeing, thinking and knowing about ourselves and the world. Children at Kinma are encouraged to develop skills in a wide variety of art forms and to use these across all areas of learning.

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Foreign language

group1 2011 0165 french

Kinma children from preschool through primary learn Spanish.