Meet our Preschool educators

Felicity Brandon


Nominated Supervisor and Preschool educator

Felicity Brandon has been working at Kinma since 2006. She started as the Authorised Supervisor then went part-time whilst having her three children. She came to Kinma with experience across many different Early Childhood settings. She has brought her breadth of knowledge of child development, her love for learning through nature and her ease of working with and understanding families.

Once her children were all at Kinma primary, Felicity continued part-time work at Kinma and ventured out to other centers, working closely with staff developing their programs and practices. She has also been mentoring new Early Childhood Teachers doing their accreditation with NESA (or the Board of Studies).

Felicity understands the “Kinma Way” and uses her experience of teaching in this progressive style of education to ensure that children love learning, that the sense of community thrives, and that there are caring and close relationships between all children, families and staff.

Christine Kaufmann


Preschool educator

Christine Kaufmann joined Kinma staff in 2005 when her young children commenced in the primary school. Christine previously worked at the International German School.

Nothing is beyond Christine’s imagination when it comes to art and all things crafty.

Qualifications: 1978 Primary School Teacher Diploma (preschool and elementary) (Canton, Zurich, Switzerland)

Lizzie Rayer


Preschool educator

Lizzie has been an educator at Kinma Preschool since 2013. Previous to Kinma she worked in a variety of Early Childhood services for around 10 years.  Lizzie is passionate about play based learning, allowing children time and space to fully immerse themselves in their play and watching the magic of learning happen! 

Lizzie loves that each day is never the same, bringing fresh ideas and opportunities to explore with the children and colleagues. We are always learning. She feels privileged to form trusting relationships with each child and see their unique personalities form and develop. 

Yoga, relaxation, music, stories, cooking, and circle games are some of the activities Lizzie will often offer. She also enjoys peppering in a little nonsense style humour to the day too! 

Pat Nugent


Preschool educator



Basketball teacher