Kinma alumni

Kinma alumni

Kinma provides children with a strong academic, emotional, and social foundation. Along with the important basic skills, Kinma children take with them a love of learning, a strong sense of self and well developed thinking and communication skills.

We love to hear from our alumni and welcome you back to visit our school. If you have a story you'd like to share about your Kinma experiences, or about what you've achieved since leaving Kinma, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Community planning day

community-day Held only once each year, our community planning day is an opportunity for existing and new Kinma families to get together, meet and chat about the year ahead, as well as discuss Kinma's educational practices, activities and work you would like to see happening throughout the year and opportunities for you make your unique contributions to our school community.

As we are a parent-managed school, it is very important that all Kinma families attend - children are very welcome to come and play. Community Planning Day is hosted by the Kinma School Board.

Annual auction night

Community auction-night-1

Our major fundraising event of the year is our Annual Auction Night, held annually in September/October. It's a fabulous themed night which our parents view as the perfect excuse to get dressed up and let their hair down while bidding frenetically on a range of fantastic auction items.

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Snack Attack

Primary snack-attack

At Kinma, we don't have a canteen. Instead we have Snack Attack, a healthy lunch prepared on Wednesdays by parents for the whole school. The children love Snack Attack and parents enjoy the break from preparing a packed lunch.

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Community activities

Community 40th-celebrations

Kinma hosts a range of different actvities for the community throughout the year, some of which have become mainstays of the Kinma culture, including our annual Bush Dance, poetry festival, kids Christmas markets and progressive lunch.

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