Science & Technology

Project-based enquiry

process-posterWorking from the level of the children, we direct and guide them to discover the answers to questions themselves. Starting with questions about things in their own environment, students move on to look at their dependency on sciences and technology.

At present, we are developing part of our science framework to make it more responsive to environment issues. Our bush setting is an important starting point for much scientific learning.

Topics such as electricity, wastes, food, senses, forces, are built into our overall planning. Children are encouraged to take up topics which interest them and pursue them in depth.

An awareness of scientific process is developed in conjunction with language learning. The model to the right represents the steps to be used in problem-solving.

Primary enquiry

Context and relevance

Children are also encouraged to be aware of science in the wider context. For instance, many children observe science and technology at work through television shows such as "Quantum", "Beyond 2000" and through observations of the use of computers and other modern technology in offices and centres such as the Powerhouse Museum.

We see the challenge as drawing out these experiences and developing the process of enquiry.

Primary project