Our Core Principles

preschool relationships

Kinma promotes an active, creative and generative environment which respects and nurtures the individuality of its members, and which actively encourages children to reach their potential in all areas.

We believe that an educational environment which encourages debate, discussion, evaluation of current educational thought and research by all its members is more likely to be innovative and to continue to address the most pertinent of issues in terms of the future needs of its children

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Creative free-play

Primary maths-rocks

We believe that play is a leading factor in the child's development; play is predominant in the early years at Kinma.

Kinma Preschool offers a truly play-based curriculum and both play and imagination are critical factors in learning throughout Kinma Primary. Play is child-centred and self-directed, allowing children to learn self-discipline and self-motivation. From play, children learn how to behave in social situations that are acceptable.

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Primary friends

Kinma believes that involving children in a supportive, democratic community allows children to face direct personal responsibility for their actions.

Through the Kinma community, children develop the ability to tolerate diversity of opinion, to speak out against inappropriate behaviour and to work collaboratively on creating and delivering group projects. Kinma children learn that their education and other life choices are their own responsibility.

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