Snack Attack

Each term, we ask for volunteers from the parent community to join our roster. This is a great way for preschool parents to get a feel for the primary and meet some primary children and parents, and for primary parents to get to know each other more.

Snack Attack happens on Wednesdays and is prepared each week by a team of three or four parents or carers. Profits go to provide equipment for the kitchen. To join the roster please talk to Admin.

How Snack Attack Operates

We would love if parents could commit to helping with Snack Attack one date per term, or whatever they can manage. You will be catering for around 120 children and adults. Meals are either prepared at home, brought into school then heated and served, or the kitchen is open from 9am to start cooking.

At some time before 12pm, the preschool meal orders need to be picked up from preschool and brought down to the kitchen so that you know how many to cater for that day. We walk up with preschool meals in time for serving at 12pm - the preschool staff will serve them. Primary comes out at 12.30pm for lunch.

Children will wash their own plates, bowls and cutlery at the outside sinks and leave them in the draining boards. Alternatively children can bring their own mess kits (plate, bowl, cutlery), or you can provide a meal which can be served in a serviette such as a sausage sizzle with vege sticks. The kitchen needs to be cleaned up to finish off.

Kinma snack-attack-1

How to plan and prepare for Snack Attack

Three or four parents are rostered each Wednesday, so you will never be expected to undertake Snack Attack on your own! There will always be at least one experienced parent rostered on each week, to help inexperienced parents or new parents prepare Snack Attack. Tasks are delegated amongst the parents rostered on each week (organising, creating menus, shopping, chopping, cleaning up etc). We offer a main course and dessert. If you are unsure of ingredients or how to prepare Snack Attack, please talk to Admin as we have sample menus with quantities of ingredients needed.  

Food/Menu Guidelines

  • Preferred foods are healthy, natural, and colour additive-free where possible; i.e. curries, pasta dishes, tacos, sausage sizzle with vege sticks, rice/vege dishes etc.
  • Foods preferred not to be used are highly processed and refined foods; i.e. chips, sweets, pies, hotdogs, sausage rolls and high sugar foods.
  • Please be aware that Kinma has a no-nuts policy. Some children at Kinma are vegetarian or diary / gluten free. To accomodate everbody's needs, we ask that there is always a gluten/dairy free option and a vegetarian option available.