Meet our Preschool educators

Nina Isho

Nina Isho

Preschool Nominated Supervisor

Nina plays, teaches and learns with enthusiasm, bringing children’s rights, a sense of wonder and empathy to her practise. She adores the chickens and is excited to share her love of them with the children.

Christine Kaufmann


Preschool educator

Christine joined Kinma staff in 2005 when her young children commenced in the primary school. Christine previously worked at the International German School.

Nothing is beyond Christine’s imagination when it comes to art and all things crafty.

Qualifications: 1978 Primary School Teacher Diploma (preschool and elementary) (Canton, Zurich, Switzerland)

Pat Nugent


Preschool educator

Pat has been learning with the children at Kinma Preschool since 2013. She has worked with young children for many years prior to Kinma, including at Montessori preschools, where she has incorporated the love of learning through nature and following the lead of the child into the curriculum.

Pat builds a deep relationship with the children through many nature based experiences, as her passion for the outdoors attracts the children to be involved with gardening and recycling projects in a hands on way. She delights in the children also becoming passionate about life cycles of animals and plants and is an advocate for all things in our bush surroundings.

Pat believes that relationships with children and families and connecting in authentic ways are what make Kinma a special place.

Lizzie Rayer


Preschool educator

Lizzie has been an educator at Kinma Preschool since 2013. Previous to Kinma she worked in a variety of Early Childhood services for around 10 years.  Lizzie is passionate about play based learning, allowing children time and space to fully immerse themselves in their play and watching the magic of learning happen! 

Lizzie loves that each day is never the same, bringing fresh ideas and opportunities to explore with the children and colleagues. We are always learning. She feels privileged to form trusting relationships with each child and see their unique personalities form and develop. 

Yoga, relaxation, music, stories, cooking, and circle games are some of the activities Lizzie will often offer. She also enjoys peppering in a little nonsense style humour to the day too! 

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor

Preschool educator

Mary has always enjoyed any activity out in nature such as gardening, bushwalking, camping and spending my childhood at the beach.

She began working with young children in 2010.  She especially enjoys the preschool age group where children grow and express themselves and begin to form friendships with each other.  Mary loves getting to know each child’s individual personality and enjoys hearing their ideas and seeing them express themselves artistically creating amazing artworks and sharing their stories and ideas.

When a friend told Mary about Kinma she thought it sounded amazing, she started working casually in 2022, and has continued as part of the team.  She is grateful to work in such a fun, friendly and inclusive environment where staff collaborate with each other and the children about how they spend their day.

Mary especially enjoys being in the Kinma bushland setting where the children go for walks and to the creek, and where they have space and time to explore and play in a large garden.

Grace McAdam


Preschool educator

Grace McAdam has been an educator at Kinma Preschool since 2020. Previous to Kinma, she has worked and volunteered in many care roles, including Early Childhood Services and Aged Care Services, as well as a treasured nanny to families.

Grace is our youngest team member, bringing energy and joy to the learning process. 

Grace is passionate about music, drama and self-expression, often bringing out her guitar to sing and play with the children, encouraging them take turns playing her guitar as well as various other instruments.  She leads music and drama lessons, and loves turning on some dance music at the back of the garden and having a boogie with the children where they are free to move, jump, sing, squeal and dance in whichever way feels right. 

Grace loves the progressive education style at Kinma and the close, trusting relationships with children that are created. 

She embraces the curiosity and love for learning that is fostered when child-led education occurs in a place without judgement. 



Basketball teacher

Jerome has been teaching and playing with Kinma children for as long as we can remember! He is a much loved member of our team who joins us in the colder months in Terms 2 and 3 when we play basketball.