Transition to high school

Kinma children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, actions and behaviour. The small size of the school reflects “real life” situations, with relationship, learning and life skills developed in a caring, safe community.

What happens to students after Kinma?

Following their Kinma education students select a wide variety of high schools to suit their individual needs and interests, and adapt to different settings extremely well. Most students make the transition extremely well, both academically and socially.

Many Kinma students have chosen to continue their education in colleges and universities all over the country, and abroad. Many have entered directly into the worlds of business, trades, arts, crafts, and technical vocations.

Former Kinma students see themselves as confident and competent members of society, capable of defining meaningful goals for their lives and finding ways to achieve them.

Regular contact with our graduates confirms how well Kinma equips children with the desire to seek challenges, and with the skills to respond confidently in a rapidly changing world.

For more information on what happens to students after Kinma, please visit our alumni page.

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