Diversity of learning opportunities

The staff at Kinma try to offer as many opportunities available to our gorgeous children to experience. One way that we do this is by tapping into the love, expertise and sometimes craziness of our wonderful parents.

Multiple passions of children are being recognised and planned for and new teacher and parent offerings are being shared all year, giving parents a chance to spend time in the community imparting what they love most and working with children that find interest and excitment in their passions.

Primary tinkering2

Through our tinkering program so far we have;

  • Knitted blankets
  • Created amazing toys for their toys
  • Made Cinderella boxes that glisten everywhere
  • Made paper mache Easter decorations
  • Cooked up a storm
  • Danced our hearts away
  • Solved challenges that seem impossible
  • Taken part in physical activities in the meeting space
  • Cartooned an afternoon away
  • Written stories as a group
  • Dramatised……well, drama!
  • Had Philosophical debates til we can debate no more!

Primary tinkering4