Welcome to the Friendship Seed Project

We believe that people who are friends care for each other. The more friends there are, the more people are caring for one another.

What is the Friendship Seed Project?

We are creating the world’s longest friendship band and hope to spread the friendship seed around the world. We aim to include every nation and hope you will participate. You can grow the friendship circle by connecting with friends of old and befriending new people.

We are weaving this band because people who are friends think about each other before they make decisions, they don’t harm one another. Let us include everyone in the world, care for one another and design world peace.

We are really pleased that you have found our website.

The Friendship Seed team
Kinma School
Sydney, Australia


This site is in English as the students in our class all use English as a first language. We are aware that many children in Australia have other languages as their main language.

Also, as we hope to include all nations on earth for this project, there will be hundreds of languages used by the people involved.

We now have Google translate available on our site!